When we shop for a product or service, we first want to get recommendation from trusted friends who have experience with that product or service for quality and reliability; then we want to find a coupon for that product and service to save money. This is the nature of human being: get good quality with less cost.

Here comes the Referral and Coupon promotion. The referral give us confidence and trust because our friends have experienced with it; While the coupon let us to save;

On the other hand, the business could boost sales through referral with a little and efficient expense - the most referral may bring sales. So the referral benefits both customer and business, it likes a bridge between customer and business, save time and cost for both.

Here is our mission: to help business to expend good service and products with referral and coupon promotion, and boost sales; 
Meanwhile, when customer experienced a good deal with quality,  please share it with your friends: for saving, and for trust.

Just refer the deals to friends with an email, or forward the link with social network, plus you may receive referral commission from business if they offer it.


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