Business can promote their sales through Referral and coupon.

Coupon promotion
  • When a business post a coupon or rebate, it may costs cents for each confirmed view, but no charge if the customer did not confirm to view the coupon (or rebate) code because the promotion code will be shown after confirmation
  • When a business post a general information without actual price, a special amount will be charged for each confirmed view as special advertisement.
  • A business member can manage its coupon online -- no need to wait for flyer paper printing and distribution;

How to post coupon or rebate
  1. With business membership, when Post an item, choose one of following to Create a discount coupon:
    I want to set a promotion coupon (code)
    Upload my own coupon image after post complete    Fees

  2. You can add/edit a coupon for existing item by signing into My Account , then click List items for edit

  3. Discount (or rebate) type can be percentage of the price, or a flat amount for each item.

  4. Items with zero or blank in Coupon or rebate field will not be listed as promotion item.

  5. Promotion period is optional. If you leave one field blank or keep the From & End date are the same, that means no promotion period and the promotion will be anytime until it is set to certain period;

  6. It's recommended to include a coupon code. For the item with coupon code, the business will be charged only after the user see the coupon code; If the user viewed the coupon only and did not confirm to get the coupon or rebate code, that means that user is not a serious buyer so the business will not be charged.

  7. You can put condition & notes for the coupon

  8. When customer presents the valid coupon printed online or screenshot photo at time of purchase, the business should give customer the discount shown on coupon.

  1. You can create a Referral when you post an item
  2. Or you can add/edit a referral for existing item by signing into My Account , then click List items for edit

  3. Referrals with zero or blank in Referral commission rate field will not be listed as referral item.

  4. When the total referral fee that accumulated for an item reach the monthly budget (maximum amount per month), the item Referral will not be shown.  The business will receive an invoice for the referral fee incurred this month.

  5. When your item is referred by a customer to their friends, you will not be billed until the referral item is viewed by the customer who received the referral.

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