Business to post a coupon for promotion

Get a Discount or Rebate to save

As a customer, you can save money with the following promotion:
  • Discount Coupon  -  provided by business for selling their products and/or services
  • Rebate  -  provided for customers by businesses for products and/or services
Two types of Coupons / Rebates:
  • Public view promotion  - anyone can get the coupon (or rebate) code to receive discount when they purchase the product or service, but free membership may be required. Business's barcode image will be treated as public view promotion
  • Exclusive coupon for members  -  a membership is required to get the Coupon (or rebate) code, this is to help business to keep track of their sales.

How to get the coupon code
  1. Items with the OFF mark have a promotion coupon (or rebate); 
  2. Go to item detail and click the Get Coupon button, which allows you to see the coupon;
  3. Confirm to get the valid coupon / rebate code,  or sign in may be required to print coupon (code).
Free Register. But some coupon may require official membership.

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