Author: (All stories)   12/05/11
  Homo Lupus

You ever heard of werewolves? Of course you have. And, of course, you've probably lain in your bed in fear every night with a full moon, terrified that something might jump out at you - when you were five. And you might've believed that those little flecks of light, those human-shaped swirls you see out of the corner of your eye are fairies - when you were four.
But what if I told you that, one day, werewolves, fairies, vampires, you name it - all mythical creatures, even selkies, would exist? (High five to everyone that knows what a selkie is.)
And, if you're someone who's crazy about one of those creatures (like possibly Edward the vampire from Twilight in 2010, or even Jacob from that same series; I hear they were pretty popular), then you'll be pretty disappointed to discover that it's not until the next stage of human evolution that they come into play. And they're not exactly magic, either - just evolved humans.
But whatever. Evolution, magic - in the end, it creates the same result. The very creatures that are usually called mythical become reality. It continues to the point that the original human being, before all the animal evolution began - homo sapien - is on the verge of extinction. But don't worry - it's survived by the homo lupus, the homo erythrocyte, the homo epiprocta, the homo anisoptera, etc.
Interested yet?
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