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Recording a Video

Recording a Video

Recording a video is sometimes hard. Here are the steps, instructions and equipment that you'll need to create a good YouTube video.

Organize Your Video

In order to make a good YouTube video, you have to know what you'll do in the video, or else the viewers will be confused on the topic of the video. You'll need to know what you are going to do so the viewers will know 100% what you're doing.


If your parents allow you, then you can use a webcam to show your face. A webcam is useful in showing your reactions and sometimes useful to show what you're doing in real life, for example when you're drinking, you don't have to say, 'Wait a second, I'm drinking.' you could just use a webcam to show the viewers that you're drinking. WARNING: if your parents don't allow you to, then don't do it.


In order to talk you have to have a microphone and connect it to the computer. If you want to be heard, you'll have to almost YELL depending on your microphone. If you have a good microphone,
then don't yell, or else you're going to break you viewers ears.

Screen Recorder

In order to have your viewers know EVERYTHING that's happening on screen, you'll need a screen recorder. A lot of screen recorders are for free, so all you have to do is download a free screen recorder. ATTENTION: Free screen recorders have a time limit, but ones that cost money don't have a time limit. If your parents don't want to spent money on a screen recorder, then just DEAL WITH IT.

Uploading a Video

Sometimes uploading a video is hard, and sometimes you need a lot of patience in order to upload one. If you make your video too long, it will take you a long time to upload it, but if you make your video short, its only going to take a couple of seconds. Your video also needs to be the right video format in order to upload.

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