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  Karate Stories | for no reason

So... this is pretty much a pointless article.
There's literally no reason for why I'm writing this.
So you might be asking why you're reading this, why this exists, and why I wrote this.
Well, the answer is... no reason.
Now, based on the title, I'm pretty sure that you know what this article is going to be about.
Most of them are based on my sparring experiences because the most exciting things happen during sparring.
Welp, here goes nothing.

Story 1: One day it was a normal day, sensei made us go through a form that everybody knew since white belt, but he made us do it in horse stance. In the middle of the form (or near the beginning, doesn't matter) out of the blue, he called out:
"If you look bad, I'll throw a pillow at you! And no, not the soft ones."
So then we started training harder because we obviously didn't want to get hit by a hard pillow. Then, out of nowhere, he threw a pillow at a brown belt whose stance wasn't deep enough or whose feet weren't straight. STRIKE ONE! Soon after, we put on our sparring gear. While we were putting on our sparring gear, another pillow came out of nowhere, going for that brown belts younger brother. Fortunately, he noticed the pillow flying at him and ducked. Unfortunately, his brother was behind him and when he ducked the pillow hit his brother instead of him. STRIKE TWO! Then after sparring, we went back to our houses.

Story 2: This was a rare moment where I was at a weekend class. There was this girl, and because of this girl, we had to do 100 senseis version of pushups (and that if I described it to you, you would most likely call them "burpees"). While we were at our probably 30-somethingth push-up, that girl was doing really bad, so sensei made us start back at one. That happened again, and then she got kicked out. She got back in 50 pushups later, but then she got kicked out again.

Story 3: During our black belt test, it was almost over. After the long run, we put on our sparring gear, and that's when things started to go wrong.
Accident #1: These two black belts were sparring together, and the taller one kicked the other one in the shin, or someplace in the leg, and it started to hurt (made sense to me; that guy was pretty strong) so he got a rest time, while I started sparring him.
Accident #2: While we were sparring, there was a brown belt boy and girl sparring each other. The guy kicked her thumbnail, and he kicked a hole in it, and it started bleeding, so she got a rest time, and the injured leg boy got back in with the tall black belt again.
Accident #3: While the other brown belt and I were sparring like normal people, the tall black belt kicked injured leg boy in the stomach really hard, so THEN he had trouble breathing, so sensei got him recovered and he kept fighting. Oh, and I also forgot to mention that girl in Story 2 and her younger brother failed that black belt test. They took a retest, and the girl passed.

Story 4: We were sparring, this girl was trying to get "stronger", so she accidentally gave me a nosebleed.
Also, she's annoying.

Aaaand those are all the stories I have so far. Hey, who knows. Maybe one day something really interesting will happen to me during karate.

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