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Shaw (shao)
Power Drum Auger 25` for sink pipe treatment

Rental Price: $5.00
(For 5 Days)  Security deposit:$30.00
Location: CanadaOntarioVaughan
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    The 25` x 1/4` Power Drum Auger provides the user with the option of either power or manual operation. This tool also includes a self storing plastic canister for the ultimate in convenience.

    1. Easy to Use
    2. Power or Manual Operation
    3. Self Storing Plastic Canister

    How to use it:

    1. Pull out to the length until reach the filled part inside the pipe
    2. Fix the length of the cable by fastening the screw.
    3. Use drill or by hand to turn clockwise.
    4. If this part if solved, pull the cable longer to treat the remining filled parts by repeating above steps.
    5. In above process, if the cable does not go forward at certain point, try to turn it anticlockwise to release it. Then adjust it and turn it clockwise again.
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