• Refer an item to friends to earn possible commission once signed-in
  • Get coupon for saving
  • With official membership, may get portion of commission from network members that you referred.
  • Could appy to become an agent for a certain area and business category, then receive commission from the spend of related businesses.

  • Post products or services with/without referral for customers to refer to their friends
  • Post a promotion coupon for customers to use (by screenshot) for saving
  • May be invoiced for amount accumulated from customer referral commission and coupon promotion fee
    How to refer an item to friends to get possible referral commission
  • Sign in first before listing/viewing items.
  • Send item link with or to friends through e-mail or social medidia such as Whatsapp, facebook etc.
    or save your purchase ID for item to be shown as referral-item for group member
  • Once the item link is clicked by friends or group member to view the item, your referral will be counted
  • The referral commission is based on the amount that business set and user keep the most part
  • How to check referral commission
  • For individuals, Sign in to My Aaccount, to view how much commission you earned
  • For businesses, Sign in to My Account, to view how much commission you are charged
  • The item with OFF has discount coupon to be used (print or screen-print) for saving
    The amount following OFF is the flat coupon amount or percentage discount to the price.
  • For sale-made referral items, if you purchase the item, the you become the purchase-experienced user and receive higher commission.
  • Only after the is confirmed, the coupon become usable and the amount will be counted as customer's saving. Therefore, do not confirm to show the real coupon if your do not want to use it.
My Account guide
  • Post new item: for business members
  • List items to edit:  Show all the items you listed. You can Edit an item, Create a Coupon (via EDIT) and Referral, or replace image (Images) for an existing item
  • Commission Activities To view referral commissions
  • My Profile
    1.  Modify profile: Update your personal information or comments;
    2.  Add Image : Add or Replace your image that will be shown at the left-top corner, it could be your photo; As business member, the image could be your business logo.
    3.  Ref #: : Give this reference # to business member for credit, and the business will get credit as well
My funds
  • If you like to put deposit to become a trusted member, view your payment details including history
How to pay with Interac email money transfer
  • Interac email money transfer is part of online bank and it's safe because you don't give any personal banking information to other party but email address
  • (1). Log into your online banking, for example easy line on www.td.com
    (2). Select Interac email money transfer, then enter the amount and other party's email.
    (3). Create a question and answer, then tell the answer to other party
  • PayPal is safe too because you only use email address

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